Best Online Yoga Course

Teacher Training Course Student’s Feedback

Best Online Yoga Course

Teacher Training Course Student’s Feedback

Best Online Yoga Course
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Muskaan Adnani

“I joined the 200 Hour TTC and the 100 Hour Continued Education Training at Nilaya House with the intention to develop my own practice and deepen my knowledge of Yoga. In time, the journey led me towards teaching others and sharing the beautiful practice of Yoga. Each week was filled with so much wisdom, love, and teachings from the heart. The ability to learn along with a group of trainees under the guidance of authentic teachers has been extremely transformative. I am grateful to Nilaya House and Sneha for the opportunity to train under The Yoga Institute and have a traditional Yoga training experience in the heart of Dubai.”


Vini Soares

“My experience was amazing. I would say it was life-changing. I came expecting something of course, and I am finishing the course today with a feeling that I improved in so many parts and so many things in my life. Way more than what I was expecting.

I think it was very important to have the curriculum so open and so wide in terms of knowledge – and again I was waiting for something that – it would be less condensed in knowledge but when I came here, I experienced something that’s huge and the real concept of yoga, so I’m really happy to be part of it.”

This course has been life-changing. I am so grateful for this journey, which was guided by the most inspiring and committed individuals. Sneha has been an amazing teacher, guide and friend. She goes above and beyond to make sure we get the most out of every moment. Despite the setbacks and not being able to attend in-person sessions, she has made sure we stay engaged and has provided us with a safe space to talk, connect, and learn online. Thank you Nilaya for making us part of a beautiful community and for giving us the change to not only advance our own lives, but to help others through this lifestyle as well.
I have had the privilege of participating in the Feb 2020, Hatha Yoga TTC and feel very fortunate to have had this in my life over the last few months. Sneha has been the most wonderfully supportive and encouraging teacher. Sharing all her knowledge and passion for yoga as a way of life. We have been educated by team of amazing instructors that are all so enthusiastic to share their wisdom.
I have felt part of a very compassionate and encouraging community with Sneha and the team at nilaya house who has guided me in the beginning of this positive life long journey. I am forever grateful.
Sneha has taught and led that course with her heart. She is a very sophisticated teacher and has devoted herself to this training. It was well prepared training and has become more valuable with guest teachers. Thank you very much Sneha and Nilaya House.
The knowledge imparted in the course has been very revealing towards what is yoga. I personally found the lecture series my anchor during the past few months and the positive energy by the teacher and other students felt like a support system. Most importantly, my personal yoga practice has been firmly established because of the mindset shift of what truly is a yogic lifestyle. Sneha Arora, has been an enthusiastic teacher with a light hearted manner of teaching heavy subjects. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to take their first step towards change, to begin from this course.
If you are in the path of self-discovery this training is for you! If you are planning to gain knowledge in Aspects of yoga philosophy this is the perfect platform to do so! My journey has been transformation, I started with zero knowledge about what yoga is and what can it do to enhance me on a personal level. Today I feel I have gained the tool that will enable me live right, and live fully!
It’s a lot to discover, experience and learn here, give it a try! You won’t regret it like me!
I am forever grateful for this journey, first and foremost the amazing human being “Sneha” famous for “Yogihearts” who speared no efforts in teaching, giving her best and helping us adapt during the time of insecurity that all the world went through in 2020 pandemic.
My experience on the 200hr TTC has been very positive. Sneha is a fantastic teacher and has curated and supported the course in difficult circumstances this year! My knowledge of the yogic way of life and personal practice have benefitted from carefully pitched material and well informed and knowledgeable/trustworthy teachers. Nilaya House is a shala with heart! Thank you very much!

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Best Online Yoga Course

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Yogic Experiences

Best Online Yoga Course
professional yoga teacher training

Sonnalli Seygall

From low back aches to knee aches, practicing Yoga under Sneha’s guidance cured my health issues.

professional yoga teacher training

Anita Dongre

Wonderful teacher. With the knowledge from different traditional Yoga schools, Sneha carries the knowledge of therapeutic Yoga.

professional yoga teacher training

Suneeta Rao

First Headstand with Sneha. She made it look so simple and put me in the pose. Her focus always being on, the Bhava (attitude) behind the pose, being more important than the pose.

Neha Dhupia

Yoga with Sneha, the Hatha Vinyasa style, where one perfectly holds the postures for long and gives the time for self-introspection and peace. Her calming voice during Shavasana and pranayama instructions bring a great flow to the class.

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Vishal Singh

With hectic shooting schedules, Yoga becomes an important aspect of one’s life. Still, remember my days of Yoga with Sneha.

Mallika Timbolo

I have been practicing with Sneha since my prenatal days with my second child. It’s been 4 years now, and my regular Yoga practices with her have helped me maintain my physical and mental balance. Read More

professional yoga teacher training

Nimesh Shah

Sneha has taught me Yoga right from the outset and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Her understanding of Yoga is holistic and her belief complete! She makes her class interactive and explains the various asanas and how they impact us. Read More