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Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group. Yoga brings a feeling of harmony and positive among employees. This in turn increases productivity and decreases stress and anxiety in the workplace. It’s our promise that each and every yoga class with one of our certified instructors will leave you and your team refreshed and re-energized.

Wellness at Work!

You have surely adapted to the New Normal but have you managed your Stress levels and that of your Work mates/ Employees and family along with this change?

If not…….
Capsule of health is an initiative to ensure Mental, Emotional and Physical health of people working in a corporate and adapting to the new Work from Home environment

What do we do?
• Desk/ chair body booster ( a series of stretches on the chair or office desk for the neck and shoulders )
• Different themes and topics related to Mental and Physical health for Stamina, Better breathing, Team building
• Coaching, Laughter Yoga sessions, Activities for Memory training and Emotional balance, Stress Management.

About the facilitators 

Best Online Yoga Course

Sneha Arora

Sneha, has been a health, Lifestyle and wellness coach (yogihearts)  for more than a decade and has trained several employees Pre-Covid times in different Companies as well as in the New Normal, via Online Platforms and ensuring a healthy Life Balance for all participants. Having a career in wellness, Yoga, Memory training and Mindfulness meditation ,over 15 years, she has received immense positive feedback from Companies like ICD, LGT, Prime Minister’s Office ( Dubai), Brand Creative, Imdaad, Emril, BNP Paribas Bank, and many such corporates for influencing a positive change in the working environment.

Anju Shahani

Anju is one of the Certified Laughter Yoga Trainers in the World helping to grow the movement of Laughter Yoga for Health, Happiness and World Peace. Since 2011 she has brought joy and happiness to thousands of students and participants across Russia, UK, USA, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India, and Australia and now in UAE. She has also trained and certified over 100 Laughter Yoga leaders across these countries who in turn are spreading the movement further.

Anju has conducted several corporate seminars all over the world and recently many in Dubai bringing laughter and happiness via reducing stress in the workplace.

She has been certified by the Laughter Guru, Dr. Madan Kataria who is a medical doctor, founder of the Laughter Yoga university in Bangalore. Anju has also been appointed as an official Ambassador of the university for her work in this field.

Feb 2020 she certified as a Life and Executive Coach with ICF. Being a year of isolation for all due to covid.

Sept 2020 she moved ahead to discover her path and journey to fulfil her purpose and Certified as a Happiness and Mindfulness coach with the online training with Berkeley School of Wellbeing, California and since then supported over 100 participants in 21 day Happiness Challenge workshops and live zoom sessions.

At her core, Anju is a Human Connection Enthusiast where she has the natural ability to attract people to a common cause be it in any sphere.

Together, as a team, the facilitators,
make a customized programme for all employees, encouraging and motivating them for a healthier life and peaceful mind.

To inquire more, get in touch and start a healthy revolution at your work place!

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